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915-309-7793 (915)  309-7793 El Paso-TX calling me

915-309-7793, 9153097793

915 - three, zero, nine...   seven, seven, nine, three

      3 0 9 7 7 9 3
      d w p p w d
9 1 5 e 0 x r r x e
      f y s s y f

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Phone number: 915-309-7793

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I block each unknown number once I learn is from a charity. Agree Disagree No Answer

I do not believe the IRS would call me to tell me I will be arrested, and they would just do it. Agree Disagree No Answer

If the caller is unknown telemarketer and sounds foreign, I do not feel guilty if I hang up. Agree Disagree No Answer

I sometimes answer when driving, but hang up if no business or personal relationship. Agree Disagree No Answer

Sometimes when I answer a call from an unknown caller that asks for me, I tell them that person is dead. Agree Disagree No Answer

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